What is Rodger Corser doing now?

Coming Soon To 10 And 10 Play. One of Australia’s most popular television personalities, Rodger Corser, comes home to 10 as host of the brand new heart-pounding psychological adventure series, The Traitors.

What town is The Heart Guy filmed in?

Show is actually called The Heart Guy when you look it up. The series is filmed on location in Mudgee, a town in the Central West of New South Wales, while the entirety of the hospital scenes are shot in the Sydney inner-city suburb of Rozelle, which is located in the city’s inner-west.

What happened to Floyd in Doctor Doctor?

Many issues that riled up fans in season 4 were settled in season 5. Penny’s son Floyd (Winta McGrath) left boarding school and rejoined the cast. Hugh quit partying so much and became a better dad.

Did heart guy get Cancelled?

The fifth and final season of Doctor Doctor (known internationally as The Heart Guy), an Australian drama television series, premiered on Nine Network on 28 April 2021. The season consists of 8 episodes.