Who is Rodrigo Mejía in control Z?

Control Z (TV Series 2020–2022) – Rodrigo Mejía as Papá Natalia – IMDb.

Who passed away from control Z?

At the end of “Control Z” Season 2, she revealed that she was “The Avenger” and forced Gerry to kill himself when suddenly their principal, Susana, showed up at the terrace and, amidst the chaos, lost her life in an accident.

Will control Z have a season 4?

Will Control Z get a season 4? Sadly, Control Z will not be getting a fourth season. The recently released season 3 was confirmed as the final season so we have now come to the end of Sofia and her gang’s story.

Who does Sofía end up with in Control Z?

In terms of the actual Control Z Season 3 ending, Raul and Sofia ending up together makes sense for the show.