Who’s the richest member of Pink Floyd?

Who’s the richest member of Pink Floyd?

1. Roger Waters – US$310 million.

Why was Roger Waters kicked out of Pink Floyd?

Amidst creative differences, Waters left Pink Floyd in 1985 and began a legal battle with the band regarding their continued use of the name and material. In December 1985, Waters issued a statement to EMI and CBS invoking the “Leaving Member” clause in his contract.

What is Roger Waters known for?

George Roger Waters (born 6 September 1943) is an English rock musician. He was born in Great Bookham, Surrey and moved to Cambridge during his early childhood. He is best known as the bass player, co-lead singer, principle lyricist, and founder member of the English rock band Pink Floyd (1964–1986).

How many marriages has Roger Waters?

Prior to his marriage to Chavis, Waters was married to Judith Trim, from 1969 to 1975, and then to his ex-wife Carolyne Christie, who he shares two children with, from 1976 to 1992. He later married his third wife, Priscilla Phillips, who he shares a son with, in 1993, before divorcing in 2001.