Is Rohan Shrestha a Nepali?

Rohan was born to a Hindu father and a Catholic mother and has his roots in Nepal.

Who is Rohan sister?

Divya and Rohan are siblings. Divya is older than Rohan so she is his elder sister.

Who is wife of Rohan Shrestha?

After his mother’s death, his father got remarried to Pooja Shrestha, who has also worked as an air hostess. He has a brother from his father’s second marriage, Rihaan. Rohan is believed to be in a relationship with the actress, Shraddha Kapoor.

Is Shrestha a Hindu?

‘ “Shrestha” itself was later adopted as the specific family surname by members of this high-caste Hindu group, although there are over 50 other recognized surnames of Srēṣṭhas.