Who is Shraddha lover?

Shraddha’s family was very fond of Rohan Shrestha. Also, the reports of their wedding kept surfacing online time and again.

Is Shraddha a good dancer?

Shraddha Kapoor is a talented dancer and has performed well whenever the script gives her an opportunity.

Why is Shraddha Kapoor not doing movies?

Apparently, after YRF’s Love Ka The End, Raj Films asked Shraddha to film Aurangzeb as per the contract. But Shraddha chose Aashiqui 2 and refused to do Aurangzeb. And the contract broke. After that, Yash Raj Films did not take Shraddha into any film till date.

Does Tiger Shroff have a crush on Shraddha Kapoor?

However, the star did not just stop at the mere acceptance of his singlehood. He also went ahead to manifest a name that very few have linked with him. “I have always been infatuated by Shradha Kapoor. I think she is great!” the star said.