Is Rohit Saraf from Nepal?

Rohit Saraf was born on 8 December 1996 in Kathmandu, Nepal into an Indian family. He moved back with his family to Delhi when he was five. He was then raised in Delhi but moved to Mumbai when he started modelling. His father, Suresh Saraf, died when Rohit was 12 years old.

Is Rohit Saraf National crush of India?

The actor is called the national crush. In an exclusive interview, Rohit opened up about the same and revealed the craziest thing a fan did for him.

Who is the GF of Rohit Saraf?

Rohit Saraf, in an interview, also cleared that Prajakta has been in a relationship with her long-term boyfriend for almost 9 years, and he is the most sweetest person that he has met.

Is Rohit Saraf a kathak dancer?

He is a trained Kathak dancer.