Who won the Next Level Chef 2022?

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas City, Kansas, native is FOX’s first “Next Level Chef.” Pyet DeSpain took home the grand prize in Wednesday night’s episode of the new FOX show starring celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. She’ll receive $250,000, a one-year mentorship from all three judges, and of course, the coveted title.

How much did Gordon Ramsay spend on Next Level Chef?

Gordon Ramsay spent $4,000,000 on a gargantuan tri-level set with three kitchens stacked on top of one another.

What nationality is AE on Next Level Chef?

Ae Southammavong says she always liked cooking. As a little kid in Laos, she learned things in the kitchen at home, and by the time she was about 10, she was helping her parents prepare meals. Eventually, she started cooking for her friends.

Who is the female chef on Next Level Chef?

Jasmine Blu at February 25, 2022 4:00 pm . It wouldn’t be a stretch to call Chef Nyesha Arrington Next Level Chef’s breakout star. She’s beautiful, talented, passionate, the epitome of grace, and real.