Are Emma and Tucker still together 2022?

Are Emma Chamberlain and Role Model Still Together? Emma posted her first Instagram photo with Tucker in it in October 2022, so the two are definitely going strong! For Halloween, the couple dressed up as the twins from 1980s classic The Shining.

How long have Emma and Tucker dated?

How long have Tucker Pillsbury and Emma Chamberlain been dating? Well, in an interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast she did admit her longest relationship is a year and ten months.

Who is Emma Tucker married to?

Tucker divorced her first husband and moved to London. In 2008, she then married her second husband, Peter Andreas Howarth, who already had three sons. She lives in Herne Hill, South London with her husband.

Are Micah and Emma dating?

In series five, Emma was linked with her client Micah McDonald, with the pair having clear sexual chemistry during their dates. Despite this, Emma has since stated the pair are still just friends.