Who owns the Roloff farm in Oregon?

Who owns the Roloff farm in Oregon?

Currently, Matt Roloff owns Roloff Farms. When Matt and Amy Roloff divorced, Amy sold her half of the property to Matt for over $600,000. This included the large farmhouse and plenty of land.

Did the Roloff farm in Oregon sell?

Roloff Farm is no longer for sale It was previously on Zillow and listed on Forbes Global Properties but it has since been turned into a rental home. Matt revealed on Instagram that he “knew large deals like that would take a much longer time,” such as six to 12 months, to “complete with no guarantees.”

How much does it cost to visit the Roloff farm?

79 per lb. Admission Includes: Free parking, entrance to the farm, all scenic trail and adventure walk activities AND our famous group wagon tour!

Will Roloff Farms be open in 2022?

Pumpkin season is returning to Roloff Farms in 2022. The fun kicks off on October 1, with tickets going on sale on September 1.