Who lives with Roman Atwood?

Atwood has three kids, two with his wife and current partner Brittney Smith-Atwood and one with Shanna Riley, with whom Atwood was married between 2001 and 2008. Atwood and Smith-Atwood have been together since 2008, when they met at the wedding of Atwood’s friend and fellow YouTuber Chase Gilroy.

Are Brittney and Roman still together?

Before ending their marriage, they had one son, Noah Vaughn, born October 2004. Brittney and Roman quickly hit it off and started dating that same year. They have been together since then.

Did Roman Atwood’s dad get remarried?

The Roman Atwood Podcast: Dad Got Remarried! Moms Passing & Spiritual Visits.

What happened to Roman atwoods dog Zeus?

Post Death After Zeus passed away, everyone took the loss hard. But, Roman took it the hardest. Afterwards, fans sent fanmail. For instance, paintings, sculptures, drawings, pictures, and many other things of Zeus.