Who is Olivia Rodrigo dad?

2003–2019: Early life and acting. Olivia Isabel Rodrigo was born on February 20, 2003, at Rancho Springs Medical Center in Murrieta, California, to school teacher Jennifer and family therapist Chris Rodrigo. She lived and grew up in neighboring Temecula.

Is Olivia Rodrigo a single child?

Yes, as of March 10, 2021, Olivia Rodrigo is an only child.

How old is Olivia Rodrigo ex?

Meet Olivia Rodrigo’s 24-Year-Old Ex-Boyfriend.

Who is Olivia Rodrigo real name?

Olivia Rodrigo, in full Olivia Isabel Rodrigo, (born February 20, 2003, Murrieta, California, U.S.), American singer, songwriter, and actress who first gained popularity with a role on the television show High School Musical: The Musical—The Series (2019–) and who later launched a successful music career.

Who was Olivia Rodrigo in love with?

Adam Faze (2021) Olivia confirmed her romance with producer Adam Faze in July 2021, after they were photographed kissing in Los Angeles. But interested parties first spotted the couple out together a month earlier at the Space Jam 2 premiere.

Is Olivia Rodrigo rich?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Olivia Rodrigo’s net worth is $5 million as of 2022.