Did Hawkeye wear the Ronin suit?

In 2018, following the Snap, Clint Barton acquired the Ronin suit and sword in order to disguise himself as he traveled the world in search of criminals. For five years, Barton wore the suit and massacred any criminals that had survived the Snap as he deemed them unworthy.

What is the Ronan suit in Hawkeye?

The Ronin Suit was a suit that Clint Barton wore when he operated as the vigilante crusader known as Ronin.

Why does Hawkeye care about Ronin suit?

If Kate’s conflict with the Tracksuit Mafia continues, Hawkeye may need the suit if he’s to prove to them that she’s not the one they’re looking for. That would explain why he regards the costume as insurance.

Why did Hawkeye call himself Ronan?

She assumed the identity after feeling unworthy of joining the New Avengers because of her criminal past. She chose Ronin because it means “Masterless Samurai” in Japanese. After fighting with and against the Avengers, she eventually handed the Ronin identity to Clint Barton.