Where did Rosebud Baker go to college?

Where did Rosebud Baker go to college?

Rosebud Baker

What is Rosebud known for?

Rosebud is best known for the campground on the foreshore that has been a holiday favourite for generations of families. The foreshore forms part of the 28km Bay Trail for walkers and cyclists that runs from Safety Beach to Portsea. While there’s a big focus on the sea at Rosebud, there’s lots more to see and do.

How much did the Rosebud sled sell for?

Bidding over the phone from California, Spielberg allowed Sotheby Parke Bernet’s Jane Wyeth to commit the $55,000 for Rosebud, as the sled is known, thus frustrating and finishing the next closest bidder, Texas tycoon Lucian Flourney, who put his bidding paddle down at $50,000.

Who bought the Rosebud sled?

Spielberg purchased the sled during a Sotheby’s auction back in 1982. At the time, the Washington Post reported that Spielberg paid $55,000 for the prop, beating out other bidders like Texas tycoon Lucian Flourney (who only bid up to $50,000, though he later said he considered going up to a million on it).