Is Ruby Riot in a relationship?

Ruby Riott | Love life She is unmarried; however, Riott is currently in a relationship. Ruby Riott’s boyfriend is an independent wrestler, Jake Wayne. He appears in AAW wrestling in Illinois and is the current AAW Heritage Champion in his first reign.

Are Ruby Soho and Eddie Kingston married?

While Ruby Soho and Eddie Kingston are not a couple, the two clearly show great reverence for each other. They are great friends and, despite not dating, are great friends who care deeply about one another.

What is the relationship between Eddie Kingston and Ruby Soho?

Eddie Kingston Reveals How His Friendship With Ruby Soho Started, More. During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, AEW wrestler Eddie Kingston commented on how suicide has personally impacted him, how his friendship with Ruby Soho started, and more.

Does Ruby Soho have a boyfriend?

At the moment, Ruby Soho isn’t overly public about her relationship status and she is believed to be single currently.