What makes Rue an unreliable narrator?

Rue might be an unreliable narrator because of her unreliable memories: her teen years spent in a crack haze mean that she isn’t entirely sure why certain stories are relevant and to whose plot, exactly, except that they’re there. And so we see Cal’s backstory because it’s there.

What kind of narrator is Rue in Euphoria?

First-Person Narration Another aspect of Rue’s multidimensionality in Euphoria is her narration. Rue is the story’s narrator, but she is also a liar.

Is Rue narrating Euphoria?

Most episodes of the “Euphoria” perform deep-dives into the characters’ backstories. They are all narrated by Rue and expose complicated histories to us.

Is Rue an omniscient narrator?

“Rue Bennett is an omniscient narrator in the series. She knows all, everyone, as though watching from above… is the series told from her perspective after she overdoses and dies?” Redditor georgewalterackerman suggested. “She’s aware of every detail of every character. An omniscient narrator.