Is Russell Wilson a Scorpio?

Born Oct. 25, 1985, Ciara is a Scorpio. Meanwhile, Wilson’s Nov. 29, 1988 birth date makes him a Sagittarius.

Is Russell Wilson a Sagittarius?

Russell Carrington Wilson is an American football player whose skills and affectionate personality have won him fans worldwide. He is a Sagittarius born on November 29, 1988, in Cincinnati but was raised in Richmond, Virginia.

What birthdays are Scorpio?

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, and the name originates from the constellation of Scorpius. Those of you who were born from October 23 to November 21 are all under the category of Scorpios.

What zodiac sign is Tom Zendaya?

Zendaya Is A Virgo & Tom Is A Gemini Click here to read the full article. Contrary to popular belief, astrology is *so* much more than just your sun sign.