Is Ryan Garcia Mexican?

Ryan was born in Victorville, a small town in California. He is American by nationality. But Garcia likes to call himself a Mexican-born American. He wants to include his Latina heritage within his identity.

Does Ryan Garcia have a child?

Even though Ryan Garcia’s 3-year-old daughter, Rylie, has boxing in her DNA, the chances of her becoming a pugilist in the future are zero to none … according to the baby’s mother, Catherine Gamez, who tells TMZ Sports the fighter doesn’t want it to happen. “I don’t think her dad will let her,” Gamez said. “No, no.”

Where is Ryan Garcia originally from?

Ryan Garcia

Does Ryan Garcia cover his tattoos?

Ryan Garcia is covered in tattoos … but the star boxer revealed this week that he’s actually “so insecure” about them. The 23-year-old — who just got most of his body art done in the last couple years — explained he’s self-conscious about his ink while reading some “Mean Tweets” with Jomboy’s Dan Canobbio.

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