Who is the co host on Kelly and Ryan today?

Who is the co host on Kelly and Ryan today?

Live with Kelly and Ryan (or simply Live) is an American syndicated morning talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. Executive produced by Michael Gelman, the Live with… show formula has aired under various hosts since 1983 locally on WABC-TV in New York City and 1988 nationwide.

Who is subbing for Kelly today?

The video not only confirms that Ripa is absent, but it also introduces her temporary replacement: TV personality Maria Menounos.

Who is the new female announcer on Live with Kelly and Ryan?

“Quake’s House Afternoon Show” runs Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm. Both hosts combine comedy, their love for New York and the popular sounds of R&B. Déjà is currently the announcer of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Is Kelly Ripa leaving the Kelly and Ryan show 2022?

Thankfully, Kelly is not leaving Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2022. The actress had taken some time away from the show due to wanting to spend quality time with her family during the break. Kelly has since returned and has been enjoying her time hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan once again.