Does Ryan Zimmerman have a daughter?

Does Ryan Zimmerman have a daughter?

Zimmerman became engaged to Heather Downen, a tech-firm sales representative, in April 2012, and they married in January 2013. The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, in November 2013.

What illness does Ryan Zimmerman’s mother have?

Ryan founded ziMS since his mother Cheryl was diagnosed with MS, a chronic and unpredictable disease that affects the central nervous system.

Who was Charles Zimmerman?

“Charlie” Zimmerman (1908 –1996) was an innovative designer of revolutionary research facilities, unconventional aircraft, and advanced flying vehicles. He was an expert in the field of stability and control of aircraft, as well as in flight dynamics.

What does Ryan Zimmerman do now?

A: I have a personal service at home right now. That’s my biggest contract. [He and his wife, Heather, recently welcomed their fourth child.] But I’ll always be involved with this organization.