Is Snooki and Ryder still friends?

“We talk to each other from time to time on Facebook, but I always explain it like, you have your party friends and you’re great friends growing up, and then once you get pregnant and you kind of form this family, you just kind of drift apart and you don’t really have anything in common with them anymore.

Does Ryder from Jersey Shore have an Instagram?

Caitlin Ryder (@ryder__) • Instagram photos and videos.

What is Ryder doing now from Jersey Shore?

Nowadays, Ryder travels the world and works in property management. Although she and Snooki (sadly) don’t hang out together anymore, it seems as though Ryder has gone on to do pretty well for herself in life.

Who did Ryder sleep with on Jersey Shore?

Even though Ryder previously had sex with Vinny (which caused tons of tension during Season 3) and also banged Johnny “The Unit” during Mike and Snooki’s supposed tryst, that couldn’t keep Pauly from whipping out his traveler’s pass and catching a “ryde.” Poor Deena seethed with jealousy as it went down right in front …