How much is Sofia Ansari earning?

How much is Sofia Ansari earning?

She is one of the famous Indian social media stars with 7.5M followers on Instagram. She was born on April 30, 1996 in Gujarat, India. She earns 80-90 lakhs per year through social media and sponsorships.

Was Khushal Khan Khattak Afghan?

Khushal Khan Khattak was born at Akora Khattak, Kabul Province, Mughal Empire in 1613. He was a Pashtun poet, warrior and scholar, and chief of the Khattak tribe of the Pashtuns.

Who is the father of Khushal Khan?

Khushal was the elder son of Shahbaz Khan Khattak. Once a battle was fought between the Khattaks and the Yusufzai at this time Khushal was only thirteen years old even then he joined this battle with his father.

Who is URWA husband?

Urwa Hocane

Who is Naila Ansari?

A native of Buffalo, New York, Naila Ansari (she/her) is an award-winning choreographer, director, and performing artist. She is a distinguished MFA graduate from the University at Buffalo in Dance and a Cum Laude undergraduate of Point Park’s Conservatory of Performing Arts Program.

Who is Safiya Ansari?

Sofia Ansari is an Indian TikTok star, content creator, model, and social media influencer best known for her lip-sync and dancing videos.