Who is richest cricketer in the world in 2022?

Sachin Tendulkar is considered the richest cricketer in the world with a net worth of $170 million (1190 crore INR).

Who is the richest man in Indian cricket 2022?

Virat Kohli net worth 2022 is estimated $127 million. He is an Indian International cricketer who was born on 5 November 1988 in New Delhi, India. He is regarded as one of the best batsman in all formats of cricket.

Who is richer Virat or Sachin?

700 crores. Virath Kohli with 50+ commercial ads & brand ambassador for many brands like WROGN, Boost, MRF is the top 3 richest cricketer after Sachin and MSD.

Who is the top 3 richest cricketer in India?

Sachin Tendulkar – Rs 1090 crore. Virat Kholi – Rs 980 crore. MS Dhoni – Rs 767 crore. Rohit Sharma – Rs 130 crore. Ravindra Jadeja – Rs 100 crore. Shikhar Dhawan – Rs 96 crore. KL Rahul – Rs 43 crore.