Where is Safiullin tennis player from?

Where is Safiullin tennis player from?

Roman Safiullin

What race is Raducanu tennis?

Raducanu was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a Romanian father and a Chinese mother, who both work in finance. Her family moved to London when she was aged two because they thought it would be an exciting place for her to grow up. She started playing tennis at the age of five at the Bromley Tennis Academy.

Is Amelie Mauresmo French?

Her historical achievement was duly celebrated in her native France. In tennis annals, Mauresmo became only the second woman in history, following Kim Clijsters, to earn a No. 1 ranking without winning a major title.

Where is Raducanus family from?

Emma Raducanu’s parents Ian and Renee are understood to work in the finance industry and live in Bromley in south-east London, where they moved from Canada when Emma was two years old.