Who is sayali boyfriend?

Sayli Kamble of Indian Idol 12 fame tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Dhawal. The wedding ceremony was attended by Nachiket Lele and Nihal Tauro. Sayli Kamble got married to Dhawal on April 24.

What does sayali Kamble’s husband do?

Dhawan Patil is an Indian citizen, who works at LIC of India and is known for getting engaged to Indian Idol-fame singer Sayli Kamble.

Who is dhaval sayali husband?

Sayli Kamble sits down for an interview with ETImes TV, just 60 hours after her marriage. Husband Dhawal Patil joins in. The couple talk about love, honeymoon, attraction and lots more.

Is Sayli Kamble trained?

She is a trained classical singer and has been learning music since childhood.

Who is Sayli Kamble father?

Sayli’s father Kishore Kamble is an ambulance driver and they live in a chawls in Mumbai. She has always credited her family for her success and has said that she is what she is today because of their encouragement and sacrifice. Indian Idol 12 helped her take the first step in the world of showbiz.

Did sayali get married?

Sayli got married to her long-time boyfriend Dhawal Patil in April this year. The singer says that she is enjoying her marital life to the fullest. “I love to dress up and as a newly-married girl, I am getting to dress up as much as I want.