How did Shama Sikander meet James Milliron?

How did Shama Sikander meet James Milliron?

Shama Sikander and James Milliron started dating after they met through a mutual friend in Mumbai in 2015. They tied the knot in Goa on March 14, 2022. Shama Sikander and James Milliron at their wedding in Goa on March 14.

Where is Shama Sikander from?

Shama Sikander

How did Shama Sikander change so much?

She started at a very young age, not even in her teens. With hard work, dedication and meditation, Shama shocked everyone with her physical transformation.

Is Sikander Indian?

Sikandar Kher (born 31 October 1981) is an Indian actor. He made his acting debut with the film, Woodstock Villa (2008).

Is Dinita Gohil Indian?

Dinita Gohil is a British actress. She is best known for her performance as Amanda in the satirical film Greed (2019), and on-stage as Viola in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of Twelfth Night (2017–2018).

What is Shama Sikander religion?

Shama is muslim and she is going out with a Jain ( Amit Jain a. ka. Ronit) in real life. In our TV and film industry people don’t care about religion and caste any more which is a good thing.