Is Shamita and Raqesh married?

“Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat have amicably parted ways. Both of them have immense respect for each other and will continue to be friends.

Why did Shamita not marry?

Many want the couple to take their relationship to next level. However, Shamita is not very keen on getting married to Races. She was even asked if he has popped up the question to her. While talking to RJ Sidharth Kannan she said, ” No!

Who is Shamita Shetty getting married to?

She met Bapat on a reality show and now wants to learn more about him in the real world. Shetty recently celebrated her 43rd birthday.

Is Shamita Shetty rich?

According to reports, Shamita Shetty is an interior designer by profession. She also does numerous brand endorsements. Her net worth is said to be somewhere between 1 to 5 million dollars (Around Rs 7.5 crore to Rs 35 crore).

Who is Shamita Shetty crush?

Every season, at least one couple from the controversial show ‘Bigg Boss’ emerges, and many are speculating that the couple this season will be Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat. They are being seen flirting with each other all the time and fans are in awe of them.

Is Shamita and Raqesh still together?

The actors eventually, officially announced their break-up and left their mutual fans dejected. The duo talked about their upcoming song and their post break-up relationship, in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla. Both Raqesh and Shamita were comfortable with one another and were very professional.