How Shammi Kapoor gained weight?

The drugs led to weight gain, and the tragic death of his wife Geeta Bali in 1965, he admitted, made him lose all restraint in food and alcohol till his second wife, Neela Devi, came into his life and they married in 1969.

Who is Shammi son?

Shammi Kapoor

Did Shammi Kapoor marry Neela Devi?

Late Shammi Kapoor and Neila Devi also had an arranged marriage after the demise of his first wife Geeta Bali. In an interview, Neila Devi reminisced the days when she first saw Shammi ji at the age of 9, and what a big fan she was of the Kapoor stars. It was a marriage arranged by Krishna Kapoor (Raj Kapoor’s wife).

Where was Shammi Kapoor born?

Shammi Kapoor

Was Shammi Kapoor a smoker?

In fact, he started smoking when he was in class six; and preferred a specific brand. 6. On 24 August 1955, he married actor Geeta Bali, in a temple, after just four months of meeting each other. Interestingly, Shammi Kapoor telephoned his parents to inform them about his marriage, after the temple ceremony.

Why Anushka Shetty gained weight?

One of the top heroines in the South, Anushka Shetty even put on 20 kilos for Inji Idupazhagi (Size Zero) in 2015. Instead of using prosthetics or a body suit, she gained weight naturally to get into the skin of the character.