What did Shanae say about Elizabeth?

What did Shanae say about Elizabeth?

Shanae accused Elizabeth of being “fake,” “toxic” and a “bully.” When Elizabeth asked what made her a bully, Shanae referred to a situation that centered around shrimp.

Who does Clayton choose Shanae or Genevieve?

Sitting on a park bench between the two ladies, Clayton asks Genevieve whether she is “an actress and are you lying” to him, hears her say no, and walks away to “take a moment” to himself before ultimately deciding that it’s time for Shanae to leave.

Who goes home first Elizabeth or Shanae?

Shanae was eliminated in week five—two weeks after Elizabeth—after a Two-on-One date with Genevieve Parisi, where Clayton gave Genevieve a rose and Shanae was sent home.

How does Clayton feel about Shanae?

Clayton told Shanae, and the audience, that watching the show back was difficult and that he felt manipulated by Shanae, and believed that she manipulated the other women.

Does Elizabeth have ADHD The Bachelor?

Elizabeth got candid about her ADHD diagnosis on “The Bachelor” during a confrontation with Shanae and has since spoken out about it on social media. During her conversation with Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker, and Tia Booth, Elizabeth said, “When we were growing up, ADHD was pretty wildly overdiagnosed.

Why did Clayton keep Shanae so long?

But the question remains: Why did Clayton keep Shanae for so long? In the end, he was probably simply more attracted to Shanae than Elizabeth. Bachelor fans have seen it before where a lead tanks his season by falling for the villain.