Who is Chris Shane Dawson?

Chris is a videographer and actor from Los Angeles who has been friends with Shane for years. On Instagram, he goes by the name @ChrisBStation and recently shared a throwback picture of himself with Shane from many years ago.

Who is Shane’s cameraman?

Who is Shane Dawson’s cameraman Andrew Siwicki? Born in Chicago, Andrew Siwicki, 29, is a cinematographer, producer, YouTuber, and actor.

Is Andrew still friends with Shane?

Andrew Siwicki is a former friend and collaborator of Shane’s, who appeared in many of Shane’s videos over the years. The two had a falling out after Shane made a series of videos about Jeffree Star, in which he made several derogatory comments about Andrew.

Who is cameraman Chris?

Chris Gillooly (@CameramanChrisG) / Twitter. Cameraman for docs and corps, live multi camera streaming, FX9 kit and Co owner of tvv.co.uk specialising in cine film scanning and restoration.

Why did Shane get Cancelled?

A video of Shane making inappropriate gestures at a poster of then-11-year-old Willow Smith circulated on social media. This prompted millions of people to slam him, before Willow’s mother, Jada, called him out on Twitter. “To Shane Dawson”, the actress wrote, “I’m done with the excuses.”

What is Shane’s occupation?

Shayne’s Job Shayne is a man of many talents, his current job is as a real estate broker at RNP Group Real Estate in Chicago, Illinois.