Is Shane Doan related to Carey Price?

Is Shane Doan related to Carey Price?

Help us out with your family tree; we know you and Carey Price are cousins, but what’s the relation there? SHANE DOAN: His dad and my mom are first cousins. Being 10 years older, did you ever babysit little Carey growing up?

What is Shane Doan doing now?

Doan re-joined Arizona as Chief Hockey Development Officer in January 2021 after three years in the NHL’s hockey operations department.

Is Josh Doan Shane doans son?

The Arizona Coyotes selected Doan with the 37th overall pick in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. He is the son of Coyotes franchise scoring leader and team executive Shane Doan.

Where is Shane Doan from?

Shane Doan

Where does Shane Doan live?

Doan and his wife Andrea have four children and reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

How big is Shane Doan?

Despite never winning a Stanley Cup, the 223 lb. winger was incredibly successful, winning 2 WHL titles, 2 Memorial Cups, 2 World Championship gold medals, a World Cup gold medal, a King Clancy Trophy, and a Mark Messier Leadership Award.