Why did Shane get locked up?

‘Life After Lockup’s’ Shane Whitlow Was Arrested for Animal Cruelty and Attacking a Family Member.

What is Shane’s last name on love after lockup?

The Official Shane Whitlow from @wetv Love after Lockup & Life after Lockup. @loveafterlockup_wetv. Click link to see more of me! 👇🏼

Are Lacey and Shane from life after lockup still together?

Outside of the show, Lacey and Shane have been confirming the end of their marriage despite having a baby girl to raise together. With all the family drama and negative responses from fans, Shane went ghost to get away from it all.

Who is Shane married to on love after lockup?

Shane and Lacey married in a gorgeous beach wedding during season 2 of Love After Lockup, even though she still had lingering feelings for John, who predicted correctly she would eventually come back to him.

How did Shane not get caught?

‘The White Lotus’ Ending Explained Shane wasn’t arrested. His act was committed in self-defense, and the murder was an accident. The police would have bought the story, and thus, no arrests were made. Everyone left the island, except Tanya and Quinn.

Is Brittany and Marcelino still married?

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP COUPLES STILL TOGETHER Brittany and Marcelino Santiago are still together.