Why did Shane from Love After Lockup go to jail?

Why did Shane from Love After Lockup go to jail?

On June 3, 2021, Shane Whitlow was charged with assault for beating up a family member. In addition, he was accused of animal cruelty on May 8, 2021.

Is Shawn and Lacey still together?

The following day, she posted that he had been found safe, but claimed he was hospitalized due to “mental incapacitation.” She later revealed that the pair were no longer a couple, and Christmas Day 2021 saw a dramatic verbal fight that allegedly involved Lacey, her dad and Shane.

How old is Shane from Love After Lockup?

He wrote, “I am 21 years old and very passionate about physical fitness.

Is Brittany and Marcelino still married?

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP COUPLES STILL TOGETHER Brittany and Marcelino Santiago are still together.

What does Lacey do for a living?

Thanks to Lacey’s fame, she’s become an entrepreneur who’s not working in just one field to make cash. For $25, you can buy a Cameo from her, and Shane will even make an appearance by request. She’s also a consultant with Scentsy.

Is Shavel and Quaylon still together?

While it’s clear that Shavel was wary about getting back with Quaylon, Quaylon recently revealed he isn’t currently dating anyone at the moment.