What is Shane Kippel doing now?

Kippel currently is a drummer for the alternative/rock group Dear Love.

Does Shane Kippel have his tongue pierced?

His favorite color is red. Shane has lost over 50 pounds since he first appeared on Degrassi in 2001. He had his tongue pierced. He had a brief stint as an Uber driver in 2021.

Did Spinner return to Degrassi?

Shane Warren Kippel is a Canadian actor. He is best known for his role as Gavin “Spinner” Mason on Degrassi: The Next Generation. In 2010, after nine years on Degrassi, Kippel was written out of the program and did not return for season 10, but returned for an appearance in a season 14 episode.

What happened to Spinner on Degrassi?

Spinner was diagnosed with “ball cancer” — as he so affectionately called it — in season 7, and it was a tough blow not only for Spin, who had to deal with the fact he’d only have one testicle for the rest of his life, but us, as fans of the show.

Why did Sean leave Degrassi?

Portrayed By After his freshman year, Sean made it his goal to become a more responsible person, specifically when he emancipates himself from his brother, and when he became a school hero after saving Emma Nelson’s life. Although he never finished high school, Sean left Degrassi to join the army.

Why did Ashley leave Degrassi?

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Ellie wonders what happened to Ashley and asked Craig what happened, Craig informs Ellie that he and Ashley toured together for some time after the events of Bust A Move. The two parted ways after playing a show in England when Ashley decided to stay in Europe and Craig moved to Los Angeles.