What does Irani mean?

Noun. Irani (plural Iranis) a person from Iran or of Iranian heritage. A member of the smaller of the two Zoroastrian communities of the Indian subcontinent.

What does Arjun Bhalla do?

In May 2014, after completing the LLB from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, he joined Breakwater Solutions Inc. at the post of an Account Manager, later in October 2014, he worked as a technical specialist in Apple Inc. Now, Arjun Bhalla is working at a legal firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Where is Smriti Irani born?

Smriti Irani

What is the business of Zubin Irani?

These records show that daughter Zoish Irani; son Zohr Irani; husband Zubin Irani and his daughter Shanelle Irani own two companies Ugraya Mercantile Pvt Ltd and Ugraya Agro Farms Pvt Ltd.

Who is Sarosh Irani?

Sarosh Irani is a clinician scientist who leads the Oxford Autoimmune Neurology Group to better manage and study autoantibody-mediated diseases of the nervous system. Dr. Irani undertook clinical training in Oxford and London, with a DPhil in Oxford and Fulbright postdoctoral position in UCSF.

What religion is Sanaya Irani?

Irani was born on 17 September 1983 in Mumbai to an Irani (Zoroastrian) family.