What is Shang-Chi mum called?

Ying Li (Mandarin: 應麗) was the former guardian of Ta Lo, as well as the wife of Xu Wenwu, the mother of Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing, and the sister of Ying Nan.

Is Shang-Chi mother alive?

Shang-Chi was raised alone by his father for 7 years after his mother was killed, where his father trained him to become an assassin, primarily so Wenwu could send him to kill those responsible for his mother’s death.

Is Xu Xialing a villain?

Like in the movie, one of Shang-Chi’s sisters is an underworld queen with a vast empire to rival her father’s. In contrast to her movie presentation, Bao Yu never drops her nefarious allegiance to the world of crime. Judging by the movie, Xu Xialing will be more of a lovable anti-hero than an outright villain.

Is Shang-Chi’s mom behind the gate?

Shaun comes home, and his father tells him how he can hear his wife, Shaun’s mother, calling to him. But the people of village Ta Lo, who put her in prison for falling in love with him, will not let him rescue her. She remains locked behind Ta Lo’s Dark Gate.

Did Shang-Chi mom have powers?

As guardian of Ta-Lo, Shang-Chi’s mother was capable of channeling her vital energy in a way that allowed her to defeat Wenwu and his Ten Rings. The power of the guardian of Ta-Lo also allows them to bond with the Great Protector, fighting together as one.

Does Xialing become evil?

While it’s not likely that Xialing will become a full-on bad guy by any means, she’s bound to back some questionable ways of doing things when she’s in control of an organization like that. After all, her previous ownership involved an illegal underground fight club, so the character’s certainly not a goody-two-shoes.