Does Travis Barker have a tattoo of Shanna Moakler?

Does Travis Barker have a tattoo of Shanna Moakler?

While the lips are obviously a tribute to his fiancée, the scorpion just so happens to cover his old tattoo dedicated to ex-wife Shanna Moakler. Completed by tattoo artist Scott Campbell, both pieces of ink were placed on the Blink-182 drummer’s inner arm.

What is the tattoo on Travis Barkers neck?

Travis’ most prominent neck tattoo, reading “Can I Say,” has a double meaning. The phrase is both the name of his 2015 autobiography and the title of an album by hardcore band Dag Nasty Travis has said was influential to his youth, and pursuit of becoming a drummer.

What is the tattoo on Travis Barker’s face?

Travis added to his face tattoo collection back in November 2020, inking this simple rose underneath a cross on the side of his head. Travis got this skull on his knee, which many have interpreted to be a reference to the 2008 plane crash he survived.

What does Shanna Moakler say about Travis Barker?

“Travis has a beat the odds numerous times and I know with his support system he will do it again,” she added. “I will always be there for him and my children.”

Did Travis Barkers tattoos burn off?

Travis Barker spoke to Fuse recently about his various tattoos. The interview covered everything from his first tattoo, which was burned off during his plane crash four years ago, to his most recent, which covers his head. Here are some excerpts: On his first tattoo: “It got burned off in my plane crash.

Does Travis Barker have any tattoos for Kourtney?

Barker, 46, stepped out in April 2021 with his “Kourtney” tattoo visible for the first time. This was just the beginning of the way the Blink-182 drummer started showing his love for Kardashian through his body art. Like the Poosh founder said on TODAY, there are a few tattoos, including her lips.