What did Shannon Beador have done to her face?

What did Shannon Beador have done to her face?

During Season 14, she underwent a procedure that mimicked a facelift but was noninvasive. At the time, her plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Reagan, spoke with BravoTV.com about what he called a “scalpel-less facelift.” “Skin tightening without plastic surgery is the holy grail,” Dr.

Did Shannon Beador have work done?

Real Housewives, Real Results Not only did I see an improvement with the skin tightening, but the texture improved as well.” Shannon said: “I’m a single lady right now. I want to look my best.

Why did Shannon from RHOC gain weight?

Shannon First Gained Weight After Her Fight With Vicki Gunvalson. Shannon was never overweight, but she admitted exclusively to Life & Style in 2017 that she “put on 40 pounds in eight months” after she ended her friendship with then-costar Vicki Gunvalson.

Did Shannon Beador get lip fillers?

‘RHOC’ Star Shannon Beador Had Face Fillers Dissolved Because She Couldn’t Recognize Herself. “I’m having a really difficult time looking at myself in the mirror.”

What is a scalpel less facelift?

This technology is able to offer patients a surgical result without the need for a scalpel or scar. The procedure is accomplished by inserting an RFAL wand under the skin through a 16-guage access port. The wand coagulates subcutaneous fat while heating the skin’s fibrous septae and papillary dermis.

Did Shannon have a tummy tuck?

“I’ve had a tummy tuck, my breasts my arms and my face,” Shannon revealed. “It was skin augmentation on my neck and a lift on my breasts.” Quick to point out that she did not have the appearance of her face altered, Shannon quipped, “Not my face, per say, but my neck and stuff.”