Did Shannon get weight loss surgery?

Shannon hasn’t gotten weight loss surgery yet, due to financial difficulties. My 600-lb Life is centered around stars like Shannon, who are trying to slim down, but it doesn’t talk much about how they have to uproot their lives to get treatment from Dr. Now in Texas.

What ever happened to Shannon on My 600-lb Life?

She’s continued her workout regimen but faced a significant setback. Ever since her episode came out, Shannon Lowery has utilized social media to motivate herself, and it’s abundantly clear she has a ton of support from her fans who are cheering her on.

Who has the biggest transformation on my 600 pound life?

With the help of Dr Younan, Marla was able to stand unaided for the first time in a long time. Since then, the My 600-lb life star underwent a huge transformation by regaining confidence and dropping a whopping 500lb. Her transformation is mind-blowing.

How much does TLC pay My 600-lb Life?

So are My 600-lb Life participants paid for appearing on the series? They are — although it’s not that much, depending on how you look at it. Individuals get paid a flat rate called a talent fee of $1,500 to appear on the show, according to TVOverMind.

What did Shannon do to her face?

During Season 14, she underwent a procedure that mimicked a facelift but was noninvasive. At the time, her plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Reagan, spoke with BravoTV.com about what he called a “scalpel-less facelift.”

Did Shannon get a divorce settlement?

Eventually, in June 2019, they hashed out a deal that resolved all issues relating to their money and custody. Per their deal, Shannon walked away with $10,000 a month in support and a $1.4 million lump-sum payment. They agreed to share legal and physical custody of their kids.