How much did Shaq O’Neal pay at Walmart?

O’Neal has admitted he is ‘not a hotel guy’, so paid rent for a year upfront for his new place, and quickly filled it with belongings. The empty apartment was soon filled as O’Neal racked up a bill of $70,000 (£59,000) on all the essentials and more when moving in.

What did Shaq buy from Walmart?

Some of the stories of the former Lakers man are so crazy that are very hard to believe and are hilarious. Shaq continues to add to his insane stories by buying cheap wine from Walmart due to a bizarre reason.

What was Shaq’s biggest purchase at Walmart?

So Shaq went to Walmart at 3 a.m., dropping $70,000 on five TVs, printers, laptops, appliances, linens, and even underwear. Problem is, when he hit the checkout, his card was declined — and then declined again. “Now I’m saying, I know I’m not broke,” he says in the clip.

Who has the biggest purchase in Walmart history 2022?

Shaquille O’Neal Owns The Biggest Purchase In Walmart History.

Who has the highest purchase in Walmart history?

Walmart’s biggest sale in history was made by Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal said in an interview with HBO that he once spent $70,000 at Walmart in a single visit. When the Miami Heat traded Shaq to the Phoenix Suns, his apartment wasn’t furnished, so he went to Walmart to buy all of his essentials.

How many Krispy Kreme’s does Shaq own?

As reported by, these include 17 Auntie Annie’s Pretzels restaurants, nine Papa John’s, one Krispy Kreme and a Big Chicken restaurant that is being franchised.