What is Shar Jackson doing now?

She’s still an actor. During Moesha, she played the character of Niecy on multiple other series. The character popped up on Clueless, the Moesha spinoff The Parkers, and Girlfriends. The actor also starred in the movie Good Burger during the show’s run. These days, Jackson is still acting.

Who is Shar Jackson’s baby daddy?

Jackson was engaged to Kevin Federline, with whom she has a daughter and a son. The couple separated shortly before their son’s birth, instigated by Federline’s relationship with pop singer Britney Spears.

How much money does Kevin Federline make?

He then became known to the general public later for a high-profile two-year marriage to American singer Britney Spears and the child custody battle that followed. As of December 2022, Kevin Federline’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $1.5 Million.

What did Kevin Federline say about Britney Spears?

“Both of them were super happy for her,” Federline said in a 60 Minutes Australia interview in which he discussed his feelings about the court-ordered arrangement in which Spears’ personal and financial needs were determined by her estranged father, Jamie Spears, as well as a legal team after a mental health crisis in …

How much does Britney pay Kevin Federline?

After Spears and Federline divorced, and the latter obtained custody over their children, Spears was reportedly paying Federline $20,000 a month in child support, as well as tuition fees, school costs and funds for extracurricular activities, according to TMZ.

Who has custody of Brittany’s children?

Spears has two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, with whom she was married from 2004 to 2007. However, Federline won full custody of their sons in 2008 and they have lived with their father since.