Who is the crush of Sharad Malhotra?

I have a crush on Deepika Padukone from a really long time.

Is Sharad Malhotra from Kolkata?

Sharad Malhotra is an Indian actor and model. He is known for his work in the television serials Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann and Muskaan. Currently, he is working of Colors television show Naagin 5. Sharad is from Kolkata, West Bengal.

Is Malhotra vegetarian?

So much so that in a GQ interview he revealed that he follows a diet plan made for his own body. According to his blood type, he was advised to stay away from certain foods, including dairy and wheat and ’embrace a high-protein diet.

Who is the oldest hero in Bollywood?

​Amitabh Bachchan The oldest actor on this list, At 80, Amitabh Bachchan is a man with a brilliant personality.

Is Shraddha Kapoor rich?

Coming to her net worth, the current net worth of Shraddha Kapoor is estimated to be roughly around 10 Million US dollars, which in Indian rupees is equal to be Seventy-Nine crores Indian rupees. (81 Crore INR). Shraddha Kapoor charges approximately 5 crores per movie as her acting fees.

Who is crush actor in India?

With Vikram Vedha winning the hearts of the audience, Hrithik Roshan the eternal Greek God of Indian cinema continues to top the list when it comes to male national crush in India. He has been continuously ranked in the most handsome men around the globe list and hence no wonder he is at the top of the list even now.