Who is Sharelle Rosado baby daddy?

Sharelle Rosado is ready to introduce the world to her new daughter, Serenity Paula Johnson. The Selling Tampa star and her fiancé, former NFL player Chad Johnson, welcomed the baby girl on Jan. 2.

Was Sharelle Rosado in the military?

But what you may not know is that Rosado is also a veteran. We spoke with the former Army paratrooper about her success and what it took to get here. Tell me about your Army career. I joined the military in 2007 and was stationed at the 82nd Airborne Division for most of my career.

How old is Sharelle Tampa?

Sharelle Rosado is the star of “Selling Tampa” on Netflix. Sharelle Rosado has made a career out of trusting her gut. The 33-year-old launched her real estate company, Allure Realty, in Tampa, Fl., in 2019 after retiring from the military.

How long has Sharelle Rosado been in real estate?

Sharelle Rosado’s Career Before founding Allure Realty in 2019, Sharelle worked as a real estate agent for RE/MAX. Prior to selling homes and brokering deals, the now-33-year-old was actually a Sergeant First Class in the United States Army. Sharelle enlisted in March 2007 before retiring more than 12 years later.

Is sherelle and Chad still together?

The couple found out they were expecting while filming “Selling Tampa.” Rosado also has three other children from a previous relationship and Johnson has seven kids with six other women. The pair currently split their time between Tampa, where Rosado has her realty, and Miami, where Johnson resides full time.

Did sherelle and Chad have a baby?

The sports star who formerly went by Chad Ochocinco was elated to be expecting a child with Sharelle. Over the weekend, Chad shared a photo confirming the arrival of their daughter. “Just delivered Serenity “Hurricane” Paula Johnson,” Chad captioned a photo of him cutting the umbilical cord.