Who is Sharina Hudson?

Sharina Hudson is a professional chef, entrepreneur, fashion designer and former massage therapist from the United States. She is well recognized as the girlfriend of the television producer Kevin Hunter. Her boyfriend is the ex-husband of the television host, writer and social media personality Wendy Williams.

Is Kevin and Sharina still together?

Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson reportedly got engaged in October 2021. In August of that year, the former couple sold their home for $1.4 million after it sat on the market for several months. Per their divorce settlement, they agreed to split the profits from the sale 50/50.

What happened to Kevin Hunter?

Hunter was unlawfully terminated solely due to his marital status to Wendy, which is contrary to human rights laws in NYC.”

Who is Serena Hudson?

Serena Hudson – Independent Owner/ President/ CEO at StrKings, LLC – Killeen, Texas, United States | LinkedIn.