Are Sharon and Rhonda still together?

Are Sharon and Rhonda still together?

Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend – Not together.

Why did Rhonda and Sharron breakup?

Distance is an issue. While Sharron lives in New Jersey, Rhonda is based in Atlanta with her son. The distance between them appears to have caused a wedge in their once fledgling relationship.

What happened between Sharron and Rhonda on too hot to handle?

In an interview with Women’s Health, Paul confirmed,”Unfortunately, we are not [together]. We are the best of friends; we still do talk, as far as helping each other out, talking to each other, and things like that.” Apparently, long distance got the better of the couple.

What did Rhonda and Sharon do?

In episode 4, LANA permitted Sharron and Rhonda to stay a night in the private suite, calling it “the biggest test of chastity so far.” And while they did not have sex and break the show’s ultimate rule, they were far from chaste.

Did Rhonda and Sharron have a baby?

Fans of the show will know that Rhonda has a son, as the penultimate episode sees her let Sharron Townsend meet him over FaceTime. Read More: Who is the Too Hot To Handle narrator?

Did Peter and Melinda break up 2022?

Following Too Hot to Handle, Melinda and Peter actually dated. According to Peter on TikTok, they broke up around March 2022. But right now, it looks like Melinda is single. She hasn’t shared any photos on Instagram of any new guy in her life and she appears to be busy with her growing career.