Is Sharon Mobley married?

Sharon Mobley Stow

What nationality is Boris Sanchez?

Boris Sanchez was born on 1985-11-15. He spent his childhood in Havana, Cuba, the United States of America. He also has an American nationality.

What ethnicity is Robert Costa?

Costa was born October 14, 1985, in Richmond, Virginia, the son of attorneys Anne-Dillon (née Dalton) and Thomas E. Costa. His father worked as an attorney for pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb. He has three siblings. He is of partial Italian descent.

Who is Sharon Acosta?

Sharon Mobley Stow was an ordinary nurse until she married Jim Acosta and became a media sensation. The public was taken aback by abrupt news about their divorce in newspapers. Sources claim that Jim Acosta’s ex-wife is single and leads a private life, while rumors have it that Jim found love again.

Where is Nadia Romero from?

Nadia Romero was born on 24th July 1986 in Ft. Worth, Texas, USA. Romero was born and raised in Texas and finished her early education there. Later, Romero earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish from Syracuse University’s S.I.

Where is Polo Sandoval from?

I was born in the South Texas city of McAllen just before my family relocated to northern Mexico in the mid-1980s. I spent much of my early childhood living in the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo and commuting across the border daily with my mom so that I could attend Catholic school in Texas.