Did Don Henley ever marry?

In 1995, Don married Sharon Summerall. Performers at their wedding included Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Billy Joel, John Fogerty, Jackson Browne, Sheryl Crow, Glenn Frey, and Tony Bennett. Summerall has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and they have three children together: Annabel, Julia and Will.

Who is Don Henley’s partner?

Don Henley

Where is Sharon Summerall from?

Sharon Summerall

Who did Glenn Frey leave his money to?

Frey left behind a will that leaves his entire estate to his wife and names her as the executor of the will. Two co-executors were named, in case his wife was unable to serve. There is not much that is unusual there. The details of the will were reported by TMZ in “Glenn Frey Eagles Legend Left Everything To Wife.”

How old is Deacon Frey now?

Deacon Frey, 26, was noticeably absent when the Eagles began their “Hotel California 2022 Tour” in February.

Is Phil Collins still rich?

While he is yet to reach the billionaire mark, Phil Collins’ net worth is now at $300 million, as Celebrity Net Worth estimated. His whopping earnings came from the salaries and pays as a soloist.