What happen to Shyla Walker sister?

What happen to Shyla Walker sister?

Shyla Walker’s Sister Recently Passed Away After Suffering from Brain Damage. In late November, Shyla Walker shared a post on Instagram in which she offered an emotional message about her sister accompanied by a photo.

Who is Shayla sister?

She wrote: “This is my sister Shanice walker, she is only 29. We were just getting our family together again. We had our first family dinner on Saturday. “I can’t remember if I told my sister I loved her that day, that was the last time I saw her healthy.

Who is Shyla Walker related to?

Shyla Walker and Landon McBroom have been in a relationship for nearly five years now, and the couple has a child together. Born October 14, 1997, Shyla Walker is an American YouTuber who shot to fame with her makeup tutorial videos early on in her social media career.