Does 1015 Folsom have coat check?

Does 1015 Folsom have coat check?

Yes, there is a coat check downstairs.

Does 1015 Folsom have a dress code?

The dress code at 1015 Folsom is Casual so please choose your outfit properly so that you avoid any issues at the door.

How much do you tip the coat check person?

How Much to Tip at Coat Check. The general rule is $1 per coat and $2 for a larger bag. Some venues charge for checked items, but you should still tip, says DiPietro. If you’re stuck without cash, Graf suggests apologizing to the coat check person, then making up for it the next time you’re there.

Do you tip coat check before or after?

When there is no checkroom at a restaurant, does one tip a restaurant hostess or host who takes a coat and later returns it? If so, how much, please? This is more than you asked but others might find it helpful. Tip when you get it back.