Who was Justin timberlakes friend Nicole who died?

Who was Justin timberlakes friend Nicole who died?

Justin Timberlake honored (just to switch up tribute) one of his backup singers, Nicole Hurst, who recently died after battling cancer for several years.

What kind of cancer did Nicole Hurst have?

Hurst was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 as she prepared to tour with Timberlake and Jay-Z. “I think one of my first thoughts was, am I going to die?” she told ABC13’s Samica Knight in 2015. “I had four months of chemo followed by my surgery which I had a mastectomy.”

How did Nicole Hurst passed away?

On and off the stage she was a constant source of joy and positivity,” he wrote alongside a series of photos and video clips. Hurst’s cause of death was cancer. This was her second battle with cancer. She beat stage 2 breast cancer but died due to a form of brain cancer.

What happened to Nicole Justin Timberlakes friend?

Hurst was diagnosed with breast cancer. Justin Timberlake’s friend and backup singer, Nicole Hurst, passed away this week. Justin made a post on Instagram mourning her loss and sharing some thoughts on his friend.