Where does Slavik Pustovoytov live now?

Where does Slavik Pustovoytov live now?

Pustovoytov, who was born in Poltava, Ukraine, moved to and attended junior high and high school in Stillwater. He now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who is Aubrey Fisher?

Aubrey grew up in Pasadena, where he danced and played basketball as a kid. After taking a break from dance, he was re-inspired and decided he wanted to pursue dancing as a career. He started a YouTube Channel where he posted dancing videos to popular songs by artists like Justin Bieber.

Who is Vic White?

Victor Harry “Vic” White (born 20 May 1932) is a retired British speedway rider, promoter and team manager.

Who is Miranda Derrick husband?

James Derrick is a famous dancer and choreographer with a massive following on Instagram. He is also known for being the husband of social media influencer Miranda Derrick.

Who is Miranda Derrick?

Miranda Derrick is not just a social media influencer who makes lip-sync videos on TikTok but also a very famous dancer who got hype by participating in ”you think you can dance”. She is 25 years old right now and her estimated net worth is $ 2.5 million USD.

Is Vik white Ukrainian?

I was born and raised in Ukraine, in the city of Poltava. I had dreams and goals to change the world and make it a… Thankful for all my loved once, who are alive and well, especially my family in Ukraine.